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Regal MuOnline it's a brand new server made by players
for players. Find out a new world with new dangerous bosses and
new hot eveniments every hour just for you ! Are you a fearless warrior
or a brave guild leader ? Then let fight today into Regal MuOnline !

Welcome to RegalMu

Server Opening : 14.04.2019 time : 11:00 


MuOnline RegalMu
Version: Season 6 Eps 3
Experience: 40x
Drop: 10%
Maximum level: 400
Maximum master level: 400
Points per level: 5/7/7
Points per master level: 1
Maximum stat: 32767
X Shop in Game Enable
Mu Helper: from level 80
Mu Helper cost: 200 Zen * level
Pk clear cost: 3kk Zen * pk count
Monster Spots in all maps
Vote reward system: (credits by voting for us every 12 hours)

Goblin Rate 40%




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! Reset Every Month'


Currently this is only one server.