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RegalMu Season IX Release

Server Status : Release

Rate : x100 EXP 

Client Completition : 100%

Server : 100%

Language : soon%

Website Completition : 100%

Launcher/Updater Completition : 100%

Updating server every week, make sure you report to an admin any bugs!

If crash occurs, it will be analysed by an admin and fixed in the next week!

- - - - -

More logs

Website secure : https:// is now active

md5 hash is active, modules affected ( Login, Register, Lost Password, Change Password )

time server fixed

random activation_id created for registration

player will receive activation_id link on email instead of password (more secure against spam)

stmp server active

functions in engine.php (check_login/check_registration) improved

password will be found in the player's E-mail,  modules affected ( Lost Password )

system will alert user if account is not activated

max attempts login added

register captcha on https working

table credits fixed

Vip Date fixed on AdminCP

Account Vip Type added to AdminCP

Vip Buy module now fixed, rearranged & working

return on disposable E-mail addresses, modules affected ( Register )

Friend Invite fixed!

Exchange module fixed!

Multiple Fixes added, modules affected ( Market )

Webshop fully working !

Scramble fixed!

WCoins show panel fix!

Character Waiting Room Fix & added maximum of 10 characters per account ! 

Vote Validation on CallBack Post script created but unverified yet

Dynamic + Fixes added to Event Timer module.

Last Forum Topic module fixed !

More fixes to modules ( Main, Event Timer, Interface )

Server(s) status added to interface !

New logo added, ( Note : maybe will change again )

Improving loading speed : Images with higher resolution resized to the optimal resolution

Improving loading speed : adding cache expiration 1 Month on resources

Improving loading speed : UTF-8 header request

Improving loading speed : minifying some scripts + async

Guide Module created !


Ingame : 

[BUG Found] Arena Walking bug ! FIXED

[BUG Found] Crywolf Map NPC not showing in the city bug !

Configuration NPC Location: [All maps]

Configuration MiniMap [All allowed maps only]

Teleport fix ! [Crywolf/Loren]

Maps List created : [All maps] [Lvl Req] [Zen]

Teleport Lvl Req per Map done ! [ex: DL Skill ]

ShopList Created : [All maps] 

Blood Castle : verified

Devil Castle : verified

Chaos Castle : verified

Illusion Temple / Arca Battle / Tourmented Square  :  unverified 

Archeon entrance : working (Captain Slough)

Archeon Protector : verified

Bonus Event : verified

[Chaos Goblin] Mix Keys with Sealed Boxes  : verified

 Last Man Standing : verified 

Arena rebuilt + 10 rooms added for LMS

Kanturu Event : verified

Santa Event : verified

White Wizard/ Skeleton/ Red Dragon/ Golden Invasions : verified

Doppelganger : verified

Imperial Guardian Event : verified

Buff Bots/ Gens/ News Notice/ MuRummy  : verified

GameServer error fix (compilation)

LMS improved !

/trace /track /addmoney commands added (GM Only+Level)

/lock code /unlock code /remlock added!

/gethp /getlevel /remaintime (vip status)

GremoryGift commands for admin created!

AntiSwear Server Side fix, ignoring uppercase&lowercase !


GS Source mods rebuilt sucessfuly ! ex : new commands

Possible gameserver crash on new command fixed!

 Arena/Arena 2 fully created !

Arena/Arena 2 : Spawn/Dead point fix !

Arena/Arena 2 : Spots done !

Arena/Arena 2 : Mini Map modded + complete !

-- --

[BUG Found] [M]DeepLoren teleport broken! (nothing happens) FIXED

[BUG Found] MiniMap not showing on Arena when teleporting again from Arena! FIXED

 Admin_Control.xml added to GameServer : more flexiblility on commands allowed/disallowed for each GM

Proper Hide Event Module created on server!

Proper Top Kill Event module created on server!

WTS/WTB Commands added on server!

/invincible command added for admin! +restriction in Admin_Control.xml

Proper Race Event module created !

Race Event : - GM Skin added to each bot -

Race Event : - better randomize - checkpoint will always be different

Race Event : - the next checkpoint could be on a different map -

All Custom Events : rewards in Gremory Case

Top Kill Event improved kill detection & fix possible crash that can be caused by event!

Race Event Type in settings : by Trade

Race Event NEW Type in settings : command /continue or proximity

Hide Event NEW Type in settings : proximity

Hide/Race Event Winners Count added + random and different (high/low) rewards for each winner

Race/Hide/Kill Events improved!

Portal Event created !

Portal Event added : DayOfWeek, Requirement, Portal Construct/Destroy, Mobs in PortalMap + Secondary mobs

Race/Hide Events crash on winner fixed !

Race/Hide Events Multiple Winners added !

Race/Hide Events Participation Reward added !

 On Cashshop disabled, user cannot close interface -> fixed !

New optional mod added : LiveFeed added (will show football score in real time) + anounce if score change ingame.

LiveFeed deactivated by default unless user say /livefeed

Scramble Event added !

Infected Event unfinished [Status : Lorencia Lockdown complete]



 Newer Update Logs : [2 nov]

Drop monster from scroll fixed + modifiable from server!

Atlans Race moddified! Need to use /race in order to participate!

Portal Event Upgraded to multiple stages!

Portal Event Location changed!

Portal NPC Look changed to Sky Event Npc!

Custom Drop Event added!

Colored Wings Conqueror Experiment!

Bloody Dragon set with sockets added for RF!

Bloodangel items added!

Darkangel items added!

Bloodangel + Darkangel weapons added!

Camera 3D Added F10-F11

Command /credits and /golds added ingame!

Sync credits/golds from ingame to website!

Events now support credits/golds reward!

Bot Shop Structure Added

Bot Shop Durability,Excellent,Level,Sockets fixed !

Bot Shop now support coins [credits,golds] from website!

New Bot type added : Exchanger !

New Bot type added : Upgrader !

Upgrader Bot status : finished !

New elements added :

Element of Socket Upgrade

Element of Excellent Upgrade

Element of Luck Upgrade

Element of Skill Upgrade

TimeBot :  [Unfinished - Memory issue = crash]  !

Special Shops added in Loren Market [Finished-TODO:minimap] !

Special Shops for other maps  [Unfinished -TODO:minimap] !

Loren market attribte map decrypted!

Most of Loren Market Walking bugs fixed!

Loren Market crash on position 140x135 fixed!

Fast Move command -> /m mapname [Disabled during IllusionTemple - Done]

Logs will record when players die and who killed them more efficiently!

General : Message display of who killed the player to the victim !

Friendly fire : Message display during Castle Siege Event if you got killed by an ally!

Crash Fix when giving Bless/Soul/Chaos packed or unpacked to Bot Shop!

DB List created for Bot Shops + formula for price. (TODO: Webshop Sync)

/Exchange command added for currency!

Entered Game Whisper : Player can now hide from command (unverified) ! /connecthide

2 FunEvents added ->Question Event(aka Trivia) & Math Event

Middle screen Announcement News disabled during specific Events!

--Logs will continue inside MuLauncher--




-Old news-

The server is simply online for testing purposes (ex: finding bugs).

X100 Dynamic Server will start soon! Anyone that already donated in the testing stage on x100 will recevie the rewards again when the server starts.



July 26, 2018, 11:24 pm

# Name Level RR GR MGR
1 Sahara 400 85 0 0
2 MaxNo1 400 84 0 0
3 PeKem 400 84 0 0
4 XDragon 400 84 0 0
5 DarkElf 400 58 0 0
6 RedDevil 379 55 0 0
7 BooMeYy 400 52 0 0
8 FitrUp 400 50 0 0
9 9CuHanh 400 47 0 0
10 SCosmin4 298 37 0 0
# Name GMaster Score
2 LTUGUILD Alex69 0
3 KILLERS ElfGhost 0
4 Jockers Gagarnetz 0
5 DevilZ DarkUp 0
6 AngelS FitrUp 0
Total Accounts 245
Total Characters 292
Total Guilds 7
Total Game Masters 1
Players Online 0
Today Active 1
Server Time:
Stromwing Armor + 15
1 Mu Coins
Excellent Rune Blade + 15
1111 Mu Coins
Devil Crossbow + 15
111111 Mu Coins
Devil Crossbow + 15
1000 Zen
Excellent Dragon Knight Armor + 15
2222 Mu Coins
White Wizard Invasion
Red Dragon Invasion
Golden Invasion
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